About Me


My name is Katrin Sormus, I am the owner of Free Traffic CashFlow, a downline builder for free advertising sites, and a happy member of All In One Profits

All In One Profits (AIOP) gives me all marketing tools I need. Free advertising sites listed on Free Traffic Cashflow are giving me enough web traffic to make my lists grow. That’s where the signups are coming from.

I’ve been online since 2006. When I started, I made all mistakes the beginning internet marketers are usually doing… and the biggest mistake was, NOT building my own LIST!

This mistake is common for the vast  majority of newbie marketers. The reason why the beginners aren’t building their lists, in most cases is lack of knowledge and skills. To build a list, a marketer needs an autoresponder, lead capture pages, a place to host them, a good offer to their potential subscribers, and the ability to write follow-up emails.

Now, let’s imagine a beginning marketer, who never made a page, never set up an autoresponder, who never had a website, who has no idea how to set up webhosting… and so on! I can still remember the feeling. I felt lost. I purchased webhosting but all I could do was, to stare at the c-panel… and log out! How I wish, AIOP were there already in 2006!

People, who are starting their online business NOW, are in a much better situation. On AIOP, they can find every marketing tool they need for listbuilding,  step-by-step tutorials, how to use them, and everything is included in price. They can order their hosting immediately after upgrading, and learn from “Starter guide”, how to set it up. They also can set up their autoresponder immediately, and learn how to do it watching video tutorials in their backoffice. They can build their lead capture pages, there are videos for it too. Even better: they can start to build their list right away, WITHOUT doing most of the things listed above!

When they join my AIOP team, all they have to do is, to set up their autoresponders, and upload the ready made e-mail campaign. No need to write follow-up e-mails, no need to order hosting, no need to build lead capture pages… because everything is done for them! They can take their time to read and learn everything before they start experimenting themselves, with no stress, while they are promoting their ready-made pages, are getting subscribers to their lists, getting signups, and getting paid.

AIOP is a chance for everybody, who is ready to learn and work. It is a real people’s program. That’s why especially beginning internet marketers should take their chance with AIOP. This way they can save themselves months, if not years of struggling alone. They don’t need to make the mistake I did. They can start build their lists right away in one of the hottest niches ever – work/make money from home niche.